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The world counts on the dollar


 (© Shutterstock)   By : Mark Trainer / ShareAmerica.   Every minute of every day, people around the world are selling, buying, lending and borrowing, using 180 different currencies. But one of those currencies is used far more than any other: the U.S. dollar.

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A promising approach boosts oil production — cleanly


The Petra Nova Carbon Capture Project in Thompsons, Texas, captures much of the refinery’s carbon dioxide emissions to help its oil production. (© Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg/Getty Images)   By :  ShareAmerica / IENA-NEWS   Technology is helping U.S. oil companies extract more oil in an unconventional way: grabbing carbon dioxide that would …

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U.S. boosts India’s energy security with natural gas exports

gaz naturel

A tanker ship for liquefied natural gas departs from the Cheniere Energy Inc. terminal on the border of Texas and Louisiana. LNG can diversify a country’s energy supply. (© Lindsey Janies/Bloomberg/Getty Images)   By :  ShareAmerica / IENA-NEWS   A U.S. company completed its first shipment of liquefied natural gas, or LNG, …

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The women of technology makers in Mauritania

The women of technology

By : Zeinabou Ahmed Youra.   Mauritanian employers opened the fourth edition of the Kocel Developer Group and the women of technology makers under the slogan “Trust it” as part of the commemorative events of the International Women’s Day. The one-day program includes presentations on eight projects selected from 50 …

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Trump’s China tariffs explained

حقوق الملكية الفكرية

Shipping containers at a terminal at the Yangshan Deep-Water Port in Shanghai, China (© Qilai Shen/Bloomberg/Getty Images)   By :  ShareAmerica / IENA-NEWS   Under President Trump’s leadership, the United States is committed to rebalancing the U.S.-China trade relationship to achieve more fair and reciprocal trade. On March 22, President Trump …

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Nations band together to conserve fish in central Arctic Ocean


(© Arterra Picture Library/Alamy)   By :  ShareAmerica / IENA-NEWS   Every April, Earth Day serves as an opportunity for countries to assess their work on issues ranging from reducing pollution to conserving wildlife. One recent tool, resulting from cooperation among several countries, is a 16-year moratorium on commercial fishing in …

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U.S. companies find it pays not to pay bribes

• corruption

(State Dept./D. Thompson)   By : Christopher Connell / ShareAmerica.   Forty years ago, the United States enacted a law forbidding companies from paying bribes to earn business in other countries. For a long while it was the only country with such a prohibition. Eventually much of the world followed suit. The Organization …

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Foreign investors wanted, but security comes first


(State Dept./Doug Thompson)   By : Christopher Connell / ShareAmerica.   The United States is a great place to do business. Foreign companies invested $457 billion in 2017 in new or expanded enterprises. They employ nearly 7 million U.S. workers. But the United States also wants to ensure a foreign acquisition …

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Millions escaping poverty in a strong global economy

• pauvreté

A woman shops by tracks in Kolkata, India. (© Rupak De Chowdhuri/Reuters)   By : Christopher Connell / ShareAmerica.   Tens of millions of people are escaping poverty thanks to robust economic growth that is helping not just wealthy countries but dozens of poorer ones. The World Bank says the gross …

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