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NASA to launch UAE student’s science experiment

وكالة ناسا

A NASA sounding rocket, similar to the one that launches student cube experiments into space, takes off from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. (NASA/Allison Stancil)   By : Michael Buchanan.   Among 20,000 applicants in a NASA contest for students, Gavin Vasandani stood out. The 15-year-old from a United Arab …

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Companies turn to space with help from the U.S.


President Trump speaks about the space program during a meeting at the White House earlier in 2018.(© Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)   By :  ShareAmerica / IENA-NEWS   The Trump administration is giving private space companies a boost in their efforts to capitalize on the final frontier. President Trump signed a space policy directive on …

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A pioneer town reinventing how we harness energy


Colorado State University’s Energy Institute connects entrepreneurs, teachers and students like Mark Macheck (above) with venture capitalists. (© Helen H. Richardson/Denver Post via Getty Images)   By : Emily Louise Bowman / ShareAmerica.   The city of Fort Collins sits along the eastern foothills of Colorado’s Front Range, where the Great …

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Turning plants into fuel

تحويل النباتات إلى طاقة

A researcher inspects plants in a lab affiliated with the U.S. Department of Energy. (Roy Kaltschmidt/Berkeley Lab)   By :  Lea Terhune / ShareAmerica   One day, your car may be running on energy produced by grasses or trees. Four U.S. research centers are looking into this possibility as part of …

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The woman behind your GPS


(Shutterstock) By : Lauren Monsen / ShareAmerica.   If you rely on a Global Positioning System (GPS) device to guide you on unfamiliar roads, you have Gladys West to thank for it. West, 87, is a retired mathematician living in northeastern Virginia. Her former employer, the U.S. Navy, credits her with …

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U.S. supports era of private spaceflight


The private firm SpaceX launched the spacesuited mannequin “Starman” out of Earth’s orbit to demonstrate the Falcon Heavy, the world’s most powerful operational rocket. (SpaceX)   By :  ShareAmerica / IENA-NEWS   Elon Musk’s aerospace startup, SpaceX, recently enjoyed big news coverage of its launch of the world’s most powerful rocket, …

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Making a time capsule from the web


(© Shutterstock)   By : Mark Trainer / ShareAmerica.   As communication, news reporting and even mundane records move from print to the digital realm, the Library of Congress keeps records of much of it. Abigail Grotke, head of the library’s web archiving team, and her colleagues have been documenting Internet content …

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