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China cuts children’s Uighur roots

Two Uighur children in China’s Xinjiang province in 2012 (©Eric Lafforgue/Art in All of Us/Corbis/Getty Images)   By : Leigh Hartman   The Chinese government’s mass detentions of Uighurs and other Muslim minorities is creating a generation of virtual orphans, children who won’t know their culture, experts say. “The Chinese government takes them …

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Circumcision in Mauritania

By: Zeinabou Ahmed Youra /IENA-NEWS   Circumcision is one of the biggest problems that the Mauritanian society has suffered and continues to suffer until today. For the community, especially the layer called white skin.

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Rajesh Patel: for a memorable Indian sculpture.

By : Abdelali Najah/IENA-NEWS.   Rajesh Patel is a self-taught Indian sculptor who draws his artistic inspiration from his ancestral culture. Wooden figurines appeal to a fetish world full of artistic creation. In this interview, Rajesh Patel tells us about his sculptural world.

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Iran sinks in press freedom index

Activists with Reporters Without Borders demonstrate in front of Iran Air offices in Paris in 2012 to protest the imprisonment of journalists in Iran. Some of the signs say “Denounce Torture” and “Free Journalists.” (© Francois Mori/AP Images)   By : ShareAmerica / IENA-NEWS   This article originated in VOA’s …

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Venezuelan journalists describe persecution [video]

By :  ShareAmerica / IENA-NEWS     Journalists Manuel Barroeta and Gerybel Torres, a married couple, fled Venezuela with their children in April 2018 after facing threats to their family and the closure of the media office where they worked.

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Living history museums bring the past to life


The Maritime Museum takes visitors out to sea in the Californian, the state of California’s official tall ship. (© George Adkins/Maritime Museum of San Diego)   By : Sadie Goering.   Imagine the year 1898 in rural Nebraska — a horse-drawn carriage drives down Main Street, an arithmetic teacher lectures to students …

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‘Desert blues’ king electrifies music fans [video]


Omara “Bombino” Moctar is known for his blistering guitar work and dynamic live performances. He’s also an unofficial ambassador for the Tuareg people. (© Partisan Records)   By : Lauren Monsen.   He’s been hailed as one of the world’s best blues guitarists — the “[Jimi] Hendrix of the Sahel,” according to …

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For the press, elections are a test of accountability


People in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo, gather around a newspaper vendor one day after the 2016 presidential election. (© Eduardo Soteras/AFP/Getty Images)   By : Stephen Kaufman / ShareAmerica.   How people vote in elections and referendums often depends on what they hear on the radio, see on television or …

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