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Poliovirus therapy is being used to combat brain cancer


Dr. Matthias Gromeier, a polio virologist in the U.S., holds a sample of the modified poliovirus he developed to attack glioblastoma brain tumor cells. (© Shawn Rocco/Duke Health)   By :  Sadie Goering.   An innovative poliovirus therapy developed at the Duke Cancer Institute, at Duke University, shows significantly improved rates of …

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Epidemic training helps contain Nipah outbreak

Nipah outbreak

India’s health ministry recently confirmed an outbreak of Nipah virus. The World Health Organization has named Nipah a top-priority disease. (© BSIP SA/Alamy)   By : Sadie Goering/ ShareAmerica.   Within 12 hours of being informed about cases of unknown fever and encephalitis-like symptoms in the southern Indian state of …

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This map of the world could save your life


South Korean schoolchildren wore masks during a 2015 epidemic of Middle East respiratory syndrome. Rapid response is key to stop epidemics from spreading, experts say. (© Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)   By : Christopher Connell.   You can learn a lot just by looking at a map. And looking at the world …

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CosmeSurge Clinics in UAE to Offer Customised Vitamin Infusion Therapy, an Effective Alternative to Traditional Medicinal Supplements


By : IENA-NEWS.   Doctors observed that only 10 percent of traditional medicinal supplements can be absorbed by the body and may take months to show results. CosmeSurge offers holistic intravenous vitamins with ingredients tailored to each patient’s specific needs, for efficient nutrient absorption   CosmeSurge – Dubai, announced today that it …

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Tiny hospital can go anywhere, unfold in minutes


The Smart Pod at ELWA Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia (USAID)   By :  ShareAmerica / IENA-NEWS   A tiny hospital called the Smart Pod is in the works for rapid deployment to the next medical emergency, wherever it may be. The Smart Pod was created by the Baylor Global Innovation Center, a …

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Female Olympians inspire the next generation


ZGirls connects girls with sports role models, from college athletes to U.S. Olympians. (© Jane G. Photography)   By : Emily Louise Bowman / ShareAmerica   The Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang are over, but their impact is just beginning for millions of children who watched the feats of female athletes …

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What’s behind those shiny Olympic medals?

The backs of the Pyeongchang medals include two Korean letters that resemble a snowflake and portico. (© Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)   By : Christopher Connell / ShareAmerica.   Those shiny gold medals around the necks of triumphant Olympic athletes represent a priceless honor. Well, almost priceless.

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Why Americans go crazy over the Super Bowl

1السوبر بول

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady raises the Super Bowl trophy in 2017. The 2018 Super Bowl is Brady’s eighth appearance in the championship. (© AP Images) By : ShareAmerica / IENA-NEWS More than 100 million people across America are expected to watch the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles vie for …

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