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Future skyscrapers might be made of wood

By : ShareAmerica- For centuries, wood was civilization’s primary construction material. But in modern times, concrete, glass and steel seemed to be the only choices for big buildings. Now, a new exhibition at the National Building Museum in Washington challenges that idea. Recent innovations in timber technology, especially “cross-laminated” timber, …

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U.S. changed the course of World War I

By : Christopher Connell-SHARE AMERICA. Staying out of World War I helped President Woodrow Wilson narrowly win re-election in November 1916. But five months later he summoned the country to battle against the German Empire with these words: “The world must be made safe for democracy. … We have no …

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Japan through the lens of American film [video]

By : Mark Trainer/ Share America. American life is becoming more infused with Japanese culture through food, fashion and arts. Even Hollywood movies — one of the most popular U.S. exports to the world — include stories set against the backdrop of Japan and exploring its vibrant history. Here are …

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