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Ahomeland of Firewood

BY : Hassan Assi – Translated by Nizar sartwi. One bullet away from her he found her only notebook He hid the creeks of its colors behind the colors of darkness He spread the flavor of grief on the grooves of her life He carried the heart of his little …

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want see my dearest daughter!!!??

By: Hussein Mohamed aIraqi Left nursing peoples and the capital minimum and Kaaba every ambitious Baghdad more than a decade to escape”from military life and war, tyranny and dictatorship and deprivation of free and dignified life In 2004 I went back to my land and residential and Moaa real homeland …

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Ireland :the most truly Muslim country in the world

Israel more compliant with ideals of the Koran than any predominantly Muslim country according to study The country in the world most faithful to the values of the Koran is Ireland according to Hossein Askari, an Iranian-born academic at George Washingon University in the US . The country in the …

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