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Belgium grateful for Moroccan expats’ contributions: Belgian PM

Belgian prime minister, Elio di Rupo, said on Monday his country is grateful for the

contributions of the Moroccan community living in Belgium to the prosperity of his country

“On behalf of Belgium and of the federal government, I would like to express to the Moroccan-born Belgian nationals our country’s gratefulness and heartfelt thanks”, said the Belgian official at the launch of the commemorations of the 50th anniversary of Moroccan immigration in Belgium

Elio di Rupo added that his country owes a part of its prosperity to Moroccan labor which worked in Belgian enterprises, construction sites, mines and factories and contributed to the present richness of the European country.

“Belgium is proud of their contributions and acknowledges their sacrifices and the difficult conditions of separation, xenophobia and racism that they endured”, he went on, expressing friendship for all Belgians of foreign origin. The Belgian official also insisted that his country needs all its citizens, stressing that multiple identities are a source of great potentials and opportunities.

Held by the Federation of Wallonia-Brussels, the commemoration of 50 years of Moroccan immigration features several arts and leisure events, including drama, dancing, music, literature, to showcase parts of the life of Morocco-born men and women as well as a debate on “living together.”


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