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Achraf Baznani Will Publish His Second Surreal Photobook “Inside My Dreams”

Achraf Baznani happily announced today that he will publish his second photobook titled “Inside My Dreams”

He previously launched his first photobook he named “Through my Lens” and he is now showing the world the newest of his masterpieces which simply highlight his extraordinary skills as a photographer. His “Through My Lens” is the first surreal photobook in the Arab worldo

He also revealed that his second photobook will be released on the 1st day of November, 2014 and it will be made available on Amazon.com. This particular photobook coming from Achraf Baznani will include a surreal photography and the model, particularly the small man presented in all of his artwork featured in this photobook is nobody else but himself. Achraf Baznani started his career as a master of art with his motivation to provide and portray how he feelso

For him, photos are not simply shots which have been captured and produced by the camera itself. He also views photos as an interesting way to make people aware about various things and these also provide the best way to explain and show the feelings of a photographer. In his second photobook, the “Inside My Dreams”, viewers will find a mirror that will reflect the image of their lives and the situations that they deal with and the problems that they all need to face in real lifeo

There will be insightful messages as well as interesting ideas that arise from those unique photos that are now introduced by Achraf Baznani. He is a highly perceptive and intuitive photographer who certainly knows the best way to bring life to reality using his excellent and unmatched capabilities in capturing only the most adorable imageso

His second photobook will be made available on Amazon. Those who want to view this item and get some more details about it may visit http://www.amazon.com/Inside-my-dreams-Achraf-Baznani/dp/1502856581/. This will be his second photobook that will make his fans and followers more impressed with his unique taste for art and photographyo

Inside My Dreams is the second photobook created by Achraf Baznani. He is a photographer who has been in the field of photography for years. His passion to his career keeps on motivating him to work hard and produce only the most adorable collections of images crafted with perfection and amusement in mindo

About Achraf Baznani

Achraf Baznani is a renowned Morocco based photographer and filmmaker. He is known for playing with the photos and making them entirely new by his creativityo

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