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The King Morocco sends a bitter criticism of the political elite and administration

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI criticized the administrative institutions and the political elite in the country and said in a speech marking the 18th anniversary of his rule that the decline of political parties and their representatives to play its role further exacerbated the situation and the situation of security forces in the face of citizens, finally.


King Mohammed VI called for the implementation of the Constitution and mechanisms of accountability for all officials without exception and in all areas of Morocco.

He added that there is no difference in the view of the law between the official and the citizen, and stressed that there is no room to evade responsibility, and explained that the partisan conflict amounted to harm to the public good.

He said that when things do not go as they should be hiding behind the royal palace, expressing his shock at the modest achievements in some sectors.

The King of Morocco pointed out that some politicians deviated from politics, and the citizen no longer trusts them, and addressed the officials by saying either to carry out your responsibilities or withdraw.

He explained that each official exercise his powers without waiting for anyone, and considered that “without changing mindsets and without the choice of parties to the elite will not achieve a decent life.”

Mohammed VI said that he would not allow any obstruction to the work of institutions, and considered that any disruption of the development project for political reasons is treason.

The King of Morocco stressed that responsibility must be linked to accountability, and that any official should be dismissed if any breach was proved, and he was not pessimistic, but he was telling the truth, albeit harsh.

On the events taking place in the city of Al Hoceima in northern Morocco, King Mohammed VI said, “We noted the preference of most political actors for the logic of profit and loss to maintain their political balance at the expense of the homeland.”

He added that “the retreat of parties and their representatives from the performance of their duties further aggravated the situation, and found the public forces themselves face to face in front of the citizen, I mean Al Hoceima

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