نَفْسٌ تَلَظَّى


By : The Poet and the Novelist: Mohsin Abd Almoty Muhammad Abd Raboh.. POET WORLD






O my friends; indeed; Kaaroon was from people of the spokesman (1).

He has already wronged; and the wrong is a monster;

in a courtyard of the jet –black night (2)

He was Harding the wealth longing

To the height above the stars.

All reasons of the happiness;

Have      already come   to him from the Generous Allah.

Then the wealth was running over abundance;

With   the continual pleasure.

He was plucking the wealth like the bunch;

From   flowers of the ease.

He reached to the acme at it. . (3)

He flied on the top like the zephyr


Did you fancy; O my friends;

which He was having  from treasuries?!

How much money and soft materials (4) which His treasuries were having.


The keys weigh down (5) strongmen.

Kaaroon doesn’t happen to Him (6) which grive Him;

And became straight above the building.

He ascended throne of the conceit;

And doesn’t apprehend evil of the destination.

He lived in heart of the pleasure;

And was tranquil between the castles.

He doesn’t think in pauper;

Who lived in fire of meridional heat (7)?

Or fatherless has already run away;

And was despairing of the soul and sorry.

His parents has already expired

And he was small in the cradle. (8)

Caaroon’s people have already advised Him

Their intention was to deliver Him.

Joy of the money is transpassing;

And blowing up the malevolents.

Your saviour eternal Lord;

Love the glads.  Doesn’t

Then turn back to Allah (9) and wipe off;

Tear drop to the wretcheds.

And wish for (10) the big triumph;

Near Him in the day of resurrection.(11)

And make the good; you will find it;

In forenoon of the difficult day. (12)

The day when wealth won’t avail;

; O my friend; or children.

Multiplicity of the wealth is test ;( 13)

Then notice; you are the sagacious. (14)

And save it near Lord;

Who is welcoming by the charitables?

And walk; in the world; for good livelihood near to the Assistant.

And support every poor.

Make the heart of the grieved happy.


Kaaroon said:”I’m given the treasures; whereas I have the knowledge.

And I’m; now; possessing;

All of My money by my exertion ;( 15)

Who come to me to allow my charities I shall give him my hindering;

That matter is not allowable;

They are not like me (16) in the worlds.

I’m the worthiest among you all (17) by acquisition of I’m wealth alone.

Then I’m the most beautiful form;

The most probable brain;

The most unerring opinion;

And the most plentiful remoteness (18)

Concerning you; o pauper.

Then cross away of the unhappiness ;( 19)

Reform you’re indirect;

Call back your consciousness;

Get back your counsel

And advise your selves.

Kaaroon augmented in their affliction;

He was lavish in their resentment;

Going out in      his ornament;

Trailer in      his uniform ;( 20)

Riding I’m the most beautiful carriage and conceited by deception of his soul;

The servants walked around Him;

They have already pointed his affluence;

And the weaklies saw aprocession

Which was a fill of the eyes?


Some of the souls notched in them

To see him in the ease

And He was possesser of every precious

Then He threw them in the in-most soul;

And they were between miserable;

Poor and lean;

Keen straits called on them (21)

Like hell fire;

And they desired to be

Like Kaaroon the meau.

They saw Him in his wealth

Who triumphed over the great luck?


Sound of the scientists replied:

“Woe to all of the stupids

Then recompense of Allah is good

To the pious servants;

And the paradises of Allah honour (22)

Patient on the tribulation ;( 23)


Allah collapsed the land by Him and   His house; and made Him a warning ;( 24)     in the time of His devastate; he doesn’t find category (25) which present Him victory;

The weaklies repented

And they saw how is

Matter of who disobey the Strong;

Provider  of the creatures; the Assistant?!!

They praised Lord of the servants

Because He guided them to the consciousness

And preserved them from the extreme

Which came to be token (26) to the creatures;

That is a house of the future life

To the patient souls;


Their good-fellowship is to the humble;

Their light is effulgent in the world;

They don’t want altitude;

Immorality and tyranny;

They took the fear of God which is a way and a companion to the eminence;

Then they are similar to the planets;

And the sweetest termination (28) is to them.



1-The spokesman: Moses (May the peace of Allah be upon Him) who is the spokesman of Allah.
2- The jet –black night: Is which doesn’t have light to the morning.
3- Acme of the ease: The highest of it. (The plural): Acmes.
4- The soft material: Is a flexible material which accepts the diversifying (The plural): The soft materials.
5- The keys weigh down them: The keys are heavy on them.
6- Doesn’t happen to Him: Doesn’t befall Him.
7- The meridional heat: Is mid day in the scorching heat of summer specially.
8- The cradle: The bed is prepared and paved for lad to sleep at it.
9- Turn back to Allah: Turn from sin and go back.
10- Wish for: Look for.
11- The day of resurrection: The day of resurgence.
12- The difficult day: The hard day.
13- Test: Examination.
14- The sagacious: possessor of the sagacity and it is the acumen; dexterity; cleverness and skill.   
15-Muhammad toiled; labour: He became stranger; intense or violent in the work and importuned it.  
16- Like me: similar to me. 
17- The worthiest among you all: The most deserving of you. 
18- Remoteness: Farness.
19- Away of the unhappiness: Its passage.
20- The uniform: The new good garb which is thick or thin (fine) and it was at the Arabs be made up of shirt wrapper and mantle; and the uniform: suit of clothes; (The plural): The uniforms.
21- Straits called on them: Afflict from every thing visited them. 
22- Honour: Respect.
23- The tribulation: The Affliction which is falling upon the man. 
24: A warning: A lesson.
25: Category: Detachment; company; group; troupe; party; set.
26- Token:  Example.
27- Tyranny: Arrogance; Pride; Haughtiness; Insolence; greatness.
28- The termination: Is the reward by the good; and the termination: Is limit of every thing or its conclusion; and the termination: Is destination of every thing; And from it: Terminations of the affairs.




Ayub; Oh my lovers; was abundant of the wealth;

Having livestock; cattle; slaves; households;

And lands which the lofty Allah illuminated them;

And the inmates of his house are plentiful; and the boys are prettiness; All of those; Oh my friends; have already announced to extinction;

All of the tribulation are dwelling Ayub at once;

After comfort of epoch; He is preoccupied;

Diseases; wounds; and marasmus are grinding Him;

And His limbs are complaining by right and left;

There is not any member the terrors don’t crush it;

Ayub has nothing left but a heart and a tongue are still

Remembering their Lord; ever; in invocation and demand;

Ayub was patient and the mountains didn’t put up with His patience;


The illness grew longer; o my associates; and His friends withdrew;

And domestic and companion fled away to world of the forest;

Ayub has been sent out from His town and became as the unusual;

Ayub has been thrown in dung-hill and the lovers desisted from Him;


O my sons; Allah has already given Ayub

The righteous wife; how generous His Lord is! ;

She is more valuable than wealth; she is more precious than dignity; she is the best effect in the world and livelihood; how sweet it is! ;

The wife has already lived with Him the best life;

She was observing Him by left over loyalty which we don’t forget;

She was recollecting anything which Ayub offered in His youth;

She didn’t forget good turn to censort who loved Him;

She didn’t forget His pity and she was opposing His calamity;

She was ameliorating from His condition; becoming in His sadness; rooting up embarrassed solicitudes from His heart;

Planting life in Him which He trusted in His heart

And confidence in safety  which is making all of His existence happy.


The wealth became less in her hand and she doesn’t despair of her morning; Then She worked in the service; how relentless it is! Which was stroke?

She was working to feed Him and live to serve Him ;( May the Lord be pleased with her and anything which she has done);

She was patient with Him and desiccating His tears;

O your patience; O Ayub; you were accepting by the destined;

Your patience; very obliging; is related in the proverbs;

And the days were revolving; and the years were passing away; And Ayub was calling His Lord; then He was respondent;

The damage has already touched me; And I’m confiding a secret to You soliloquy;         Then compassionate me in my misfortune ; And uncover for me the damage which happened to me;

O my lovers; Allah insinuated Ayub;

After drudgery of the calamity; and the tears in His eyes;

O Ayub; run; after the long suffering;

In a cold lavatory; O my servant; and drink;

And take bunch by your hand then strike the best striking;

Doesn’t perjure in your oath; this is the best answer;


Then the Entirely Merciful is answering Ayub who is the humane;      sending away; about Him; His tribulation and restoring to health His members; Allah has already given Ayub His family and like it. ;

Mercy of your Lord gave liberally and ran over by His grace;

He has already rewarded Ayub’s wife who lived His affliction;

And preserved Him from oath breaking; how great His grace is!

Ayub; O my friends; is the coming back servant

And a prophet who the donor Allah is praising Him;

And Allah is providing the patient with the means of living without accounting.






SHU’EYB; O my lovers; is a prophet of Lord of the Power.

Allah sent Him toMidianWho were the dweller in the wood (1);

They were possessors of expanded spacious commerce(2);

Giving short measure and short weigh to the creature ;( 3)

Plundering except them; and They were specimen of the cruelty ;

As strong riches and didn’t be afraid of the Day of anguish (4);

they were polytheists by their Lord and lived inside the obscurity;


SHU’EYB was good natured and symbol of all chastity;

He was trusty; truthful; crowned by the comprehension;

And His heart was running over by the light and love;

Allah sent Him to them to call them by the maxim;

He was saying; in friend ship mercy and intimacy;:

O my people! Commence; adore my Lord; be my brethren;

Give full measure and full weigh to the creature (5).

Your rescue is in my submission. Receive my counsel.


Rise; with me; to the prayer; and wish for face of Allah in it;

And bend; to His Power; the brows; He will make you happy in your life;

Crowd you in the Hereafter with the resplendent faces

Which are looking toward God; happy and victorious?


They said; in haughtiness; (6) to the sincere Prophet   ;


Did you come by the prayer? ; O the donor;”

To make us forsake; in the morning; that which our fathers used to worship

And make us leave out our own property which will turn back (7) to the cessation?!  Are you the guide to right behaviour?! Is your opinion the appropriate?


The magnanimous messenger SHU’EYB showed kindness to his people

And hoped the admittance to case of the Sublime One (8).

Then He was expounding the proof to make the brains understand; reasons of that case and the estrangement pass away;

Then SHU’EYB’S case wasn’t adolescence but it was the prophecy;


His Lord enriched him by his licit livelihood;

Then his heart ran over by thanking The Lord of Majesty;

Lived happy and He was paying the poor-due;

And slept at ease that was reaping plenty of the memory;

He didn’t know the grudge in wealth and children; and his heart kneeled down to the One.


O our people; answer; by the brain; and respond;

But they declined (9) to accept his call;

At once; and pretended by dialect of the subtle (10);

Indeed; they don’t understand saying of SHU’EYB; why are they

In their seduction and foolishness?! BY Allah; what touched them?!

Then they threatened by his stoning to his weakness; and any person can’t check them;

about their offence except the clan! Weakness of the discernment blinded them;

They have already denied any affection; and Allah; by the right; rendered him strong.



SHU’EYB understood them; indeed that is fault;

To leave Allah and trust to doubt;

Then Allah has already surrounded cognizance by every direction (11);


Then their demonstration stopped and their equipment has been demolished;

And they threatened to take out SHU’EYB from that country;

And the believers with him without helper or prop;

Or to return with them to the atheism by Allah who is the Eternal Refuge;


He said to them;”Do you comprehend?! Do we return between the unbelievers after rescue of the believers by favour of Lord of the worlds?

!By Allah ;No ; No  doesn’t be ;We don’t submit or despise ; except by permission of our Lord; O Allah! Decide between us and remaining of our folk with truth and aid it by us. Then they gave the lie to their prophet; showed their arrogance (12)

And said to him by their foolishness;”Make fragments of the heaven full upon us; O SHU’EYB; if you are of the truthful.

And the dreadful earthquake   (13) took them; and morning found them prostrate (14)

Their dwelling-place doesn’t cry on them as criminals; losers;

Their prophet discharged the trust; remonstrated for the religion;

And SHU’EYB: turned from them and said: O my people! I delivered my Lord’s message unto you and gave you good advice but you love not good advisers.


1- (Al – Aykatei): The entwined abundant trees; (The plural) AYK.  2- Possessors of commerce: possessors of trade.
              3- They were giving short measure and short weigh: They were undervaluing belittling; depreciating them.  
 4- The Day of anguish: The Day of Resurrection and in it the wrong-doers are strong of the sigh and sadness.             
5- The creation: The creatures; (The plural): The creations.
6- The haughtiness: The arrogance; the ossification and the hardness. 7- Turn back: End in – and come back.   
8- The Sublime One; From the Beautiful Names of ALLAH. 
9- They declined to accept his call: They hated and didn’t accept his call.
10- The subtle: Who has good brain and opinion?
11- Every direction: Every side.  
12- Their arrogance: Their Tyranny; Their Pride; Their Haughtiness; Their Insolence; Their greatness.
13- The dreadful earthquake: aquiver.
14-The Dreadful earthquake took them; and morning found them prostrate: The dreadful earthquake killed them.

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