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Rajesh Patel: for a memorable Indian sculpture.

By : Abdelali Najah/IENA-NEWS.


Rajesh Patel is a self-taught Indian sculptor who draws his artistic inspiration from his ancestral culture. Wooden figurines appeal to a fetish world full of artistic creation. In this interview, Rajesh Patel tells us about his sculptural world.

Do you want to introduce the sculptor Rajesh Patel to the readers?
R.P. : Introduction to the readers is a happy movement.

Can you tell us about your artistic background?
R.P. : I am a farmer and growing paddy, tobacco, cotton, maize, trees and so on. Some time, trees are cut down and I start collecting mostly sandalwood logs. My journey began as a Sculptor since last two and half years.


Your artistic works are wooden fetish wooden figurines in a traditional way. Do you want to tell us more about your artistic works?
R.P. : I see the sculptures of artists and inspired by them to create. I try not to copy it.


Why are fetish figurines that tap into your traditional culture?
R.P. : Some of my fetish figurines are some way connects to my traditional culture.


What does sculpture represent for you?
R.P. : Controlling my temperament by involving myself in to sculpture creation. If my efforts succeed making someone smile, then I am done, else work harder next time.


Do you want to tell us about your art exhibitions ?
R.P. : I have yet not exhibits any of my sculptures in gallery. Facebook and INSTAGRAM are the platforms in which I posts regularly.

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