Circumcision in Mauritania


By: Zeinabou Ahmed Youra /IENA-NEWS


Circumcision is one of the biggest problems that the Mauritanian society has suffered and continues to suffer until today. For the community, especially the layer called white skin.

They circumcise girls under the age of five,six,and seven until they feel that circumcision has been done to them so that they have no desire to men.

I passed it when I was six years old, so I know how difficult it is. They killed her sexual desire at an early age, as well as Mauritanian society circumcised slaves daughter for lack of sexual desire.

Despite the passage of time and the development of modernity, they continue to use circumcision as a lethal weapon in the life of the Mauritanian girl in order to kill her desire for the nature in which she was born.

I am not talking in this article about just talking. I am one of the victims of circumcision. Today, despite the passage of time, Fatima bint al-Mukhtar fled her homeland and no one knows where she went and why because the family of her husband who has influence in the country after they decided to circumcise her daughter, who was only seven years old or under .

She ran away from them because she did not want her daughter to live the tragedy that most women in Mauritania experienced. No one knows where she and her daughter escaped to protect her from the society that kills the girl’s sexual desire at an early age. Society should stop killing girls sexual desires.

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