The illegitimate son of Hitler .. Mysterious aspects of the life of the “Fuhrer “!


By : Zeinabou Ahmed Youra – USA.

The personal life of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler has been questioned by many historians more than seventy years after the end of his reign, after it remained unclear about having children and the presence of people of his crucifixion to date.

In a recent version, the Russian FBI website put up the file of Hitler’s offspring, and the site’s writer Raymond Grigirov suggested that Hitler had an illegitimate son, saying that Charlotte Lobojoy claimed that her son, Jean-Marie Laurette, was his sole heir.

He stated that Charlotte had admitted to her relationship with Hitler when she was 16 years old, and said based on her confessions that she met him at the soldiers’ rest in a small village when he was a simple soldier in the German army, and that Jean-Marie Laurette was born shortly after the start of Charlotte and Hitler’s relationship – specifically in March  March 1918.

The writer pointed out that Lorette did not believe at first his mother’s words and began to search for his own lineage with the help of specialists to find later that his blood type and what Hitler wrote fit with what was told by his mother.

Lorette also noted a surprising similarity in pictures between him and Hitler, while years later the German army found documents indicating that German officers had made money to Charlotte during World War II, which could be further evidence that Hitler had a relationship with Charlotte.


John Marie Laurette, whose mother says he is the son of Hitler (social media)

In 1981, Lorette published his autobiography, “Your Father’s Name, Hitler,” describing his feelings and emotions after knowing his father’s identity. He claimed that Hitler knew of his existence and that he tried to destroy all evidence of a relationship with Charlotte.

Short marriage

The writer Raymond Grigerov said that Hitler married Eva Brown in a secret ceremony and that he committed suicide immediately after marriage and his wife committed suicide immediately after him, and that historians believe that there is no evidence to prove that Hitler had children, although he announced his love for them on many occasions.

He pointed out that Hitler did not have time to have children when he married Eva Brown, because the marriage did not last long, while some people close to Hitler said that he had some problems related to his sexuality and that this is probably the reason why he did not want to.  Having children.

In his autobiography, Hitler wrote that he did not want to have children, and that he feared men who preferred to settle, marry and form families from losing interest in other women.

The writer added that rumors talk about the existence of a secret child of Hitler at the end of World War II, and that his servant Heinz Ling heard repeatedly admit that he had a child, but all these statements remained assumptions and guesses until he emerged Jean-Marie Lorette, who presented himself as the illegitimate son of Hitler.

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