Elections of the Mauritanian community in America between the color of the body and the language of the tongue!


What did you benefit from your immigration to Uncle Sam’s country?

America is one of the most important countries to which immigrants come every year for decades, and because of the availability of work first, and secondly to me that it is a country of freedoms and equality among all people. Which means that there is no difference between who is white or black, or who has a language or accent of his own. All the people that come to America are looking for it before looking for money.Is there any benefit from these benefits that distinguish America?It is well known that African people represent a large percentage in America, and Mauritanians represent the smallest percentage of Africans in the United States of America.Is the small Mauritanian community in this large land between them understanding and affection?It is normal to be influenced by human culture of others, but to be influenced by the positive side of them, in America there is no difference between who is white or black because skin does not determine the identity of man and this is what we know in Islam.

We, as Mauritanians, have emigrated from our country to Uncle Sam’s country because of the segregation of society for us. All these baseless labels were invented only by society to put barriers between citizens and became bigger and bigger so that everyone who became of that community travelled and became educated and saw culture of the other great countries and awareness look at the culture of the others took the positive of their culture .

So most of the young people of this land, which put barriers between human, have decided to migrate to a country that does not ask them the usual question people in their community ask.

Did Mauritanian migrants succeed in overcoming the complex of society?
Today, after decades of immigration to America, where they became citizens of civil papers rather than cultural papers, today immortalize their glory through community elections that, instead of being reunited, have sent them back for decades.

What is the real reason behind this?
Mauritanian by nature, son of desert ,customs and superstitions.It is difficult for him to abandon those myths to me that it is my shortcut is an integral part of his culture, which was destroyed intellectually! Today, the Mauritanian community in America is divided into two parts, the “Bidan” section and the “Kore” section, as they come from different countries.But on the contrary. Is the Mauritanian community has been traumatized by civilization in America?

Why do you take the downside of returning your society to the land of freedoms. However, most of the Mauritanians who have become refugees in the United States of America have their asylum papers on the basis that they are from the marginalized segment of Mauritania and are looking for the figures who have become prominent in the world from the marginalized segment in their homeland in order to draw with them pictures proving that they are from that, and when they get The papers return their drawers to their habits that did not work more than what was corrupted.

Despite the different colors and languages, you are one people and from one country.
Will this end the schism that destroyed you in your country and did not leave it and brought it with you to the country of freedom? Or is it the curse of the tribe and ethnicity that accompanies you Wherever you go?

Zeinabou Ahmed Youra

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