Egyptian Ministry of health:37 dead in a collision of two trains

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At least 37 people were killed and 123 injured when two passenger trains collided Friday near the northern port city of Alexandria, the health ministry said.


Footage and pictures on state television showed dozens of people gathered around the wrecked train cars and a body covered on the floor.

The accident occurred on Friday afternoon when a train collided with another rear near Khurshid station on the Cairo-Alexandria line, the railway authority said.

The Ministry of Health indicated that 75 ambulances were involved in transporting the injured to public and police and military hospitals in Alexandria.

The cause of the accident was not immediately known, but security sources suggested it may have been caused by a mistake in diverting trains.

State television quoted sources at the railway authority as saying that the accident was the result of a “technical malfunction in one of the trains” that stopped it and the second train collided with it from behind.

Attorney General Nabil Sadiq said that he ordered the transfer of a team from the Public Prosecution to the scene of the incident to conduct the necessary inspection.

He also ordered the engineering committee to move to the site and conduct the necessary inspection to find out the causes of the accident and determine who is responsible for it.

The president said in a statement that President Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi “directed all the organs of the state and officials concerned to follow up the developments of the incident and the formation of a working team to investigate the circumstances and identify the causes and hold those responsible.”

Prime Minister Sharif Ismail also called for the formation of a specialized committee of the Ministry of Transport to investigate the incident, identify its causes and prepare an urgent repor

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